With Bondaplex faster, safer, more beautiful and friendly dyeing and lightening by Alanine and Hyaluron.

  • silicone-free
  • free of nanoparticles
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% food grade ingredients
  • anti-aging effekt
  • anti-frizz action

Bondaplex is a simple, one step anti-oxidant system that helps to repair and restore damaged bonds of the hair from over-processing of color, bleach and strong chemicals in high lift tints and perms. It penetrates into the hair and works during the bleaching, hi-lift color processes, and the neutralizing of perms, protecting and strengthening the integrity of the hair. With Bondaplex faster, safer, more beautiful and gently dyeing and lightening due to alanine and hyaluron. All ingredients are food safe – free of nanoparticles!

Bondaplex works with any brand of high lift tint, bleach and perm.