About us

EURO-FRIWA GmbH is an association of specialist wholesalers from the hairdressing industry. 

Founded as a purchasing cooperation in 1927, EURO-FRIWA GmbH has now developed into one of the hairdressing and cosmetics industry's most significant trade and service companies. 

The EURO-FRIWA Group has both national and international members. The associated specialist wholesalers and their branches achieve external sales of around EUR 120 million annually. The company's international flair is shaped by members from other European countries, including specialist wholesalers from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

EURO-FRIWA GmbH's goal is to provide individual support for individual members, increase their competitiveness on the market and promote the further development of every individual member. That is why the Würzburg headquarters offer all members an extensive range of services that go far beyond simply consolidating purchasing benefits. Each associated specialist wholesaler can put together and use an individual package of these services according to its needs.

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